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I worked with Monica Martinez, an assistant professor of American Studies and Ethnic Studies, and her team to help create a platform for researchers and Texas residents to use to immortalize and pay respect to the lives lost in Texas due to violence against minorities.

The homepage opens with instruction modals on how to navigate the site. Then you come to an interactive map, built with Mapbox and Leaflet. The red dots represent each incident of violence.

When an incident is clicked on, you can explore the associated information. From there you can easily filter the other incidents based on the current descriptions.

There are a ton of other really easy ways to filter through the data so that way the researchers using the site can find unique patterns and correlated incidents.

Local residents can easily search for family members or friends within the search bar.

The site also offers curated tours produced by Brown faculty in three different categories; generational, thematic, biographical.

I designed all of the mockups using Sketch. Then I produced a working prototype of the site using Adobe Experience Design. I presented all of this to senior Brown faculty in the John Nicholas Brown Center and received good comments and positive reviews. I am currently working on implementing the sites features in HTML, CSS, and Jquery.

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